About us

Khaayzen Equipments

Khaayzen Equipments prides itself as one of the leading consultants in Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry.

We provide the latest technology allowing us to give our customers the best energy efficient solutions. We have well equipped office infrastructure at Coimbatore & Chennai comprising of dedicated team of professionals who constantly endeavor towards the growth of our organization and think of the benefits to our clients. Our entire team is backed up with sound knowledge and expertise in the HVAC field.We ensure a systematic approach in compliance with all acceptable standards to fulfill the specific requirements

of each of our client within the given time frame and also considering the budgetary constraints. We render Centric Design core to satisfy the client requirements and make Tailor made design approach and ensure advanced systems are implemented for all our projects

Consultancy Applications

  • With our profound expertise, we do consultancy in the following applications:

  • Commercial & Residential Air Conditioning.

  • Industrial Air Conditioning.

  • Ventilation Systems including comfort, heat extraction, dust control & kitchen ventilation.

  • Process Cooling.

  • Clean Rooms like OT's, IT's, electronics and other manufacturing process.

  • Chilled water and Brine applications.